After-sales service
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After-sales service

Our basic goal is to build long-term, positive relationships with our customers. This relationship is based on mutual respect and honesty, consistent, thoughtful and effective protection of customers' needs and interests, and sincere commitment to provide them with perfect services. In order to win customers, we in addition to constantly improve the quality of products, to ensure quality and cheap, pay more attention to the product before sales, sales, after-sales service.

Whole-process service:

Pre-sale: to provide users with accurate, reasonable and reliable product and technical consultation; Based on customer needs, design and recommend solutions and products suitable for customers' actual needs.

Sale: to professional service always care about customers, the whole process to provide customers with technical support.

After sales: communicate with customers at any time, timely understand the problems existing in the use of products by customers, and solve them as soon as possible.

All-weather service: regardless of rain, day, far and near, as long as customers call the service hotline, we will solve your problems.

Full service: continuously improve product quality and service through customer feedback of practical problems.

Full service: patiently listen to the needs of users, care about the immediate interests of users.

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