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  • Bw-ml series microcomputer small current grounding line selection device

    Bw-ml series microcomputer small current grounding line selection device on the line selection scheme of the comprehensive use of the transient process of wavelet analysis and the use of the steady process of harmonic analysis, energy method, residual increment method, further improve the accuracy of line selection.

  • BW-LJ series zero-sequence current transformers

    Our company produces BW-LJ series zero-sequence current transformers, zero-sequence current transformers (cable type) with 40mm-300mm aperture, high-precision zero-sequence current transformers with various capacity, variation and accuracy limit coefficient

  • BW-LXQ series primary harmonic eliminator

    The product fully conforms to the current standard DLT620-1997 "Over voltage protection and Insulation coordination of AC Electrical Devices" in article 4.1.5, can play a good limiting effect of ferromagnetic resonance voltage transformer.

  • Bw-ksx series microcomputer detuning device

    Bw-ksx series microcomputer detuning device is based on high performance single chip microcomputer. LCD, signal indicator light, micro printer for man-machine interface, equipped with communication interface, reporting fault information

  • BW-DJ series of full-function insulation online monitoring device

    According to eighteen Major Anti-Accident Measures of State Grid Corporation of China, BWDJ series of full-function insulation online monitoring device produced by our company has the recording and alarm functions of ALTERNATING current and dc system, and can upload corresponding alarm information to the background host.

  • BW-5000 series SF6 leakage quantitative alarm system

    Sulfur fluoride (SF6) gas is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic inert gas, but under the action of high voltage arc, this gas will decompose, encounter water will also produce some highly toxic substances. At present, SF6 gas is widely used in medium and high pressure equipment

  • BW-8 series switch intelligent control device

    BW-8 series switch intelligent control device adopts a new integrated digital temperature and humidity sensor, universality and interchangeability of the sensor is very good, without the need for sensor calibration human can achieve high accuracy of measurement, and, because of the one-piece sensors is temperature and humidity, which can achieve high precision of leakage measurement. The device CPU uses ATMEL company's high performance, low power consumption ATMEL64 microcontroller. Rich resources, fast computing speed, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable operation.

  • BW-8600 series dry transformer temperature controller

    The temperature data of transformer A, B, C and iron core are monitored and displayed in real time by high reliable and high precision double-loop temperature sensor. And has 4 4 ~ 20mA current loop synchronous output function; 485 communication remote background monitoring; Tripping or alarm contact can also be started when the transformer overtemperature occurs; In addition, the device also supports fan disconnection alarm, box open alarm and "black box" intelligent data storage and other functions.

  • BW-HSCI high-speed intelligent small current surface protection device

    Bw-hsci high-speed intelligent small current surface protection device is a new intelligent device launched on the basis of improving and perfecting the past small current line selection, harmonic eliminator, arc eliminator coil, fault wave recording. The device is suitable for 380V ~ 66kV neutral point grounding or arc suppression coil (or parallel resistance) grounding power plant, substation. It collects the phase and zero-sequence voltage of several circuits, as well as the zero-sequence current of each outgoing line. When the system appears single-phase grounding, resonance and other faults, the device can accurately judge which grounding line is which connection or abnormal, and display and print, line selection accuracy up to 100%.

  • BW-8420 series explosion-proof overvoltage protector

    Over-voltage protector,it is mainly used in power generation, power supply, and power consumption of enterprise's system, the motor, transformer, switch, bus, capacitors and other electrical equipment, in addition to limit overvoltage protective atmosphere, at the same time also can limit over-voltage of power system operation, and relatively overvoltage of alternate with, all can have reliable limit effect.

  • BW-GXCW optical fiber temperature measuring device

    BWYF - GXCW - DC intelligent fluorescent reflection type optical fiber temperature sensor, according to the actual application process of the specific situation, through the concentration of research and a lot of experiments, from the principle and structure of the sensor probe and directional coupler innovation and improvement of the successful development of new products. The sensor probe uses the principle of composite reflection not only to achieve a greater range of linearity, and the structure is more simple and firm, to achieve the miniaturization, installation is more convenient. Directional coupler structure more compact, more stable work, directional coupling degree increased by more than 15dB, so that the system sensitivity and reliability greatly improved.

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